2015 Himalayan Seed Collecting Expedition

The PROSPECTUS for the 2015 Expedition should be ready during April 2015.

 By paying for a share of the seed collected during his expedition to 
the Himalaya in Autumn (Fall) 2015 you will be part of an exciting opportunity to grow rarely available seed and help support Chris'
on-going plant conservation and scientific projects.
        STANDARD category shares @ £30; FULL category shares @ £60; SPECIAL category shares @ £85


"The Romance of the plant hunter has a particular appeal for those of us who stay at
home. We may not be up to wading through mud landslides or swinging across a river
in an oil barrel, but growing plants others have suffered to collect brings a special
frisson of pleasure to the armchair traveller"
So wrote Mary Keen, after she had caught echoes of the Himalaya having met plant
collector extraordinaire Chris Chadwell, in an article entitled
HIGH RISKS, RARE REWARDS published in the Weekend Telegraph, April 1989

 What are the advantages of taking out a share in a
seed-collecting expedition to the Himalaya?
I wish to encourage gardeners to experience the enjoyment and satisfaction of growing lots of garden-worthy plants from seed collected during an expedition.  The best way to succeed with seed is to attach importance to it combined with learning about how to grow-on more unusual plants to the flowering stage, through first-hand experience.  Expedition seed is special. It is more interesting, indeed fascinating, to raise plants when you have learnt about the conditions the individual species grow in and the efforts involved in gathering the seed for you.  By committing to receive around 25, 50 or if you wish, many more packets, shareholders are 'obliged' (in a good sense) to take seed-raising more seriously and they will have sufficient packets to experiment with.  And when the seeds begin to germinate, the thrill of spotting freshly-germinated seed will be spread over a much longer period. There is undoubtedly a "child-like" pleasure in germinating seed and what is wrong with that!  We can all do with some escapism to simpler times.... And once into a sowing routine, it does not take that long to sow these numbers of seed packets. Furthermore, if my "clumping" method is adopted, which eliminates the requirement for pricking-out large numbers of minute seedlings, the growing-on of your share of expedition seed is easily managed - allowing you to eagerly await your first flowerings.  
Take a look at the PLANTS GROWN FROM PREVIOUS EXPEDITIONS  section of this web-site,  which gives an indication of the range of plants from Chris Chadwell expeditions to the Himalaya, which you will have the opportunity to grow.

Should you pay for a "share" in this expedition you would receive:
  • In December 2015, your allocation of seed; each packet will be labelled with genus and species plus a Chris Chadwell (CC reference collection number)

         The number of packets, quantity of seed in each packet and which species you receive,             depends upon the category chosen and preferences stated on the application form:

         STANDARD SHARE  @£30 or 35 Euros or $50 

         FULL  SHARE  @£60 or 70 Euros or $100

         SPECIAL SHARE  @ £85 or 100 Euros or $140
  • a CD containing high-quality images of each seed collection providing an insight into the conditions under which they grow in the wild - increasing the likelihood of shareholders successfully establishing them in their gardens plus an expedition travelogue
  • Cultivation advice

This will be Chris' 30th plant hunting venture.  With this level of experience,
you can be confident of getting lots of rarely available seed to grow.